Memang {adverb} /me.mäŋ/

Indeed; in fact; really
Usage example:
“Hey, are you coming to my gathering tonight?”
“”Memang lah! I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

Translated roughly as “indeed Asian”, the name “Memang Asian” was chosen to not only pay homage to the country itself, but also the Asian identity.

The word memang was also carefully selected to reflect the casual vibes of the content, as the word is mostly used in everyday Malaysian conversation.

Logo and mascots

Memang Asian Cat Logo

Does the logo look familiar to you? The logo for Memang Asian is based on the famous cat statue located at the Padungan Roundabout in Kuching, Sarawak.

The statue is iconic to Kuching and a must-stop photo-taking spot for all visitors to the city. Beloved by locals and visitors alike, you don’t want to miss its adorable outfits during different holiday seasons.

In addition to this cute kucing, the little brown haired character with cat ear hair buns around the website is meant to be a playful representation of myself (the writer).

Together, the cat and the girl serve as the website’s mascots and help to show the fun and lightheartedness behind each post.

A little more about me

Memang Asian Lil Nat

Hello! I’m Natalie, the writer behind Memang Asian. I launched this website in June 2022 as a way to share my love and pride for my hometown of Kuching, Sarawak.

As the site grew and evolved, I have decided to transition it into a personal website where I can share my thoughts, experiences, and interests.

While the content of this website will still involve posts about Kuching and Sarawak, I am interested in posting other kinds of content.

I have been writing on and off throughout my entire life, ever since I was a young child, I was always particularly good at crafting essays and stories alike.

Some of my other works are the self-published novels House of the Lost Children (2012) and The Porcelain Princess & Other Fairy Tales (2021).

While I don’t have a set posting schedule, I promise that every new post will be worth the wait. If you’re interested in staying up-to-date with my latest posts, be sure to follow Memang Asian on social media!

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