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10 top tattoo studios in Kuching for your next ink appointment

Tattoo Studios Kuching featured

As evident by the number of tattoo studios in Kuching, there is some appreciation for these fascinating permanent works of art in Sarawak.

This is because tattoos have been an important part of Sarawakian tribal culture throughout history. These roots can still be seen today as many tattoo studios in Kuching offer traditional tribal tattoos.

We’re no strangers to tattoos ourselves, so we’ve compiled a list of Kuching’s top tattoo studios and whether their art style leans towards more masculine or feminine, so you’ll have a better idea of which studio to pick.

And psst, if you’re new to tattoos, try checking out our first tattoo guide!

Feminine tattoo studios in Kuching

Space Studio *Most popular

Tattoo Studios Kuching Feminine Space Studio

This is perhaps the most popular tattoo studio in Kuching among the youth for its minimalistic and pretty designs straight out of Instagram or Pinterest.

They specialise in delicate, fine line micro tattoos that cover anything from flowers to animals to geometric symbols to text.

Perhaps the best part of this studio is that they have a cat customer service representative named Butter! He’s sure to heal your anxious heart as you sit down for the needle.

Contact: Facebook | Instagram | +6011-3311 7211

Slash Studio

Tattoo Studios Kuching Feminine Slash Studio

Run by a female tattoo artist named Barney, it is such a shame that we have only been recently made aware of their fine artwork.

Slash Studio is a home-based studio that works well with fine line micro tattoos, especially those that are a little more abstract. They can also do lovely floral art as well as elegant dragons (inspired by Spirited Away no less)!

We’re very impressed with what this solo tattoo artist has to offer and hope to see more people visit her as she definitely deserves the attention.

Contact: Facebook | Instagram | +6014-699 5022

VL Tattoo and Beauty Studio

Tattoo Studios Kuching Feminine VL Tattoo and Beauty Studio

We have to apologise if we show bias towards feminine tattoos (Memang Asian is comprised entirely of female writers as of time of writing), but you have to admit, their floral pieces are so gorgeous.

Other than that, this home-based studio can also do cute chibi style, oriental style, geometric, watercolour, and more.

What is interesting is that this tattoo studio also doubles as a beauty studio, so ladies can get facials and eyelash extensions.

Contact: Facebook | Instagram | +6013-810 4228

Masculine tattoo studios in Kuching

71st Skinslavery

Tattoo Studios Kuching Masculine 71st Skinslavery

If you’re looking for big, bold, realistic pieces, try checking out 71st Skinslavery as their attention to detail is seriously impressive.

Just take a look at how real that phoenix looks, we’re seriously impressed. While they mostly work with black and grey, they can do the occasional pop of colour.

You’ll be in good hands here as the artist, Eric Kueh, has participated in the 2018 Great British Tattoo Show and walked away with Best of Convention, Sunday, and Black & Grey.

Contact: Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | +6013-817 7227

Nam Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio

Tattoo Studios Kuching Masculine Nam Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio

This tattoo studio seems to specialise solely in huge, oriental style tattoos that cover the entire back and even thighs and legs.

Really, their pieces look like they belong on an intimidating Yakuza boss just based on how fierce they look – it’s almost mesmerising.

So, if you’re interested in showing off your Chinese heritage with a cool back piece that will totally make your ancestors proud, this could be the tattoo studio for you.

Contact: Facebook | +6012-854 2229

Rakta Dhatu Tatu

Tattoo Studios Kuching Masculine Rakta Dhatu Tatu

The style that Rakta Dahtu Tatu specialises in reminds us greatly of the bright and bold colours of American traditional tattoos.

We can already imagine the cool and stylish pieces they can create if you simply give them a subject matter to work with.

While they also do realistic and geometric tribal-style tattoos, it is the American traditional ones that really draw us to their Instagram feed.

Contact: Facebook | Instagram

Tattoo studios in Kuching which can do both

Blackout Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Studios Kuching Both Blackout Tattoo Studio

Blackout Tattoo Studio is home to many tattoo artists with their own signature styles ranging from realism to tribal to floral and more.

One of our writers have actually gotten a tattoo at Blackout Tattoo Studio. Take a look at the intricate floral art in this porcelain-inspired piece.

If you’re interested in checking out Blackout Tattoo Studio, just go on their Instagram as they’ve got Insta Stories of designs from each artist.

Contact: Facebook | Instagram | +6016-872 9325

Nelson Ten Tattoo

Tattoo Studios Kuching Both Nelson Ten Tattoo

Nelson Ten calls himself an all-rounder tattooer, and we can’t help but be in awe at the level of skill he has in the various tattoo styles.

Just scrolling through his Instagram feed, we can see floral, American traditional, tribal, oriental, realistic, and more.

Unfortunately, Nelson has a few rules when it comes to tattooing, as he won’t do tattoos on Muslims, Africans, Indians, those with dark or black skin, and those with skin disease.

Contact: Facebook | Instagram | +6016-864 1164

Inkzation Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Studios Kuching Both Inkzation Tattoo Studio

Located in Kota Samarahan, on the outskirts of Kuching, you might need to drive a bit to get to Inkzation Tattoo Studio, but the results might be well worth it.

They mainly do a lot of tribal tattoos, but also do geometric pieces. It seems like many women go to them for sternum tattoos, which we won’t be showing here.

Still, we are very impressed by the level of detail in their sternum tattoos. It’s no wonder that this is a popular place for them.

Contact: Facebook | Instagram | +6013-279 4922

Ming Tattoo

Tattoo Studios Kuching Both Ming Tattoo

Ming Tattoo is one of those places who work with almost any style and colour, as they have done realistic pieces, geometric tribal-style tattoos, as well as oriental art.

We’re really into how these two tattoos differ from one another, with one being so realistic and surreal, and the other showing elegance and colour.

No matter what style you bring to Ming Tattoo, we’re almost certain that they can execute it with great skill.

Contact: Facebook | +6016-705 4389

Featured image: raktadhatu &

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