Kuching festivals: Who to follow for latest events in 2023

There are many Kuching events and festivals popping up around the city. I’m not even including the mainstream ones like Rainforest World Music Festival or Kuching Food Festival.

Think smaller, culture-rich gatherings like music events, art festivals, and poetry jams perfect for mingling with fellow Kuchingnites.

The problem is that it can be difficult to get news of these latest happenings unless you know someone who knows someone.

To solve that issue, here is a list of the groups and organisers behind all these cool events, so you can get the latest happenings straight from the word of mouth.

Kuching events: culture

Think & Tink

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Self-described as “a mind factory of the city”, Think & Tink is a community art space located in the old Ting & Ting Supermarket which opened in 1957 and closed shop in 2019.

As Think & Tink is a space and not an organiser, they are home to many artistic workshops, music performances, thrift markets, and film festivals.

Those with a sense for the creative arts will enjoy the events held at Think & Tink. One tip about the location though is that there is no air conditioning, so remember to dress down when going!

Here’s an event you missed:

Photo: @thinkandtink.kch on Instagram

“In Full Bloom” was a night filled with unplugged music performances showcasing three young and growing local artists from Kuching: Lofrine, Ky Den, and Faith Fiance.

Other than music, participants were able to enjoy the presence of plants thanks to help from the Kuching Plant Club and Helen & Herman Garden.

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Wordsmiths of Kuching

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Are you interested in poetry and stories? Then you should check out Wordsmiths of Kuching (WoK), a spoken word collective that provides a safe community for local poets and storytellers to seek feedback and perform.

Their unofficial motto is “from the page to the stage” and they often hold casual writers’ circles, themed performance events, and writing workshops.

Anyone who is interested in the stories and poetry is welcome. If you’re a writer or poet and are thinking of joining them on stage, don’t hesitate to reach out, as there’s no age limit or require language!

Here’s an event you missed:

WoK holds a regular spoken word event called the Word of Mouth. For example, one held in July 2022 had the theme “Menua”, the Iban word for homeland.

A handful of poets performed their pieces based off the theme, while the rest of the night was an open mic so others could perform pieces that were not based on the theme.

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Kuching events: music

Project Amnesia

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An event organiser comprising of five collectives, Project Amnesia aims to build a brand and community to support Kuching’s scene through events.

They are all about revamping the ecosystem through new and exciting experiences. Think events revolving around music, fashion, and more.

There may be a certain target audience depending on the theme of the event. For example, “Black Parade” was a music event aimed at those who grew up with 2000’s pop punk and emo music.

Here’s an event you missed:

Photo: Project Amnesia

“Stayin’ Alive” held last year during one of the Seni Kita festivals, curated in appreciation to the 70’s groovy disco and funk era.

Asides from some of the most nostalgic hits, there was a captivating fashion show by Neng Kho Razali and SadeMorni as well as an open mic karaoke session and a DJ set by VAUX and AQLZ from SonicSyndicate.

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Photo: @liveinkch on Instagram

Established in 2015, Liveinkch is the live event division of event company Solid Brick Asia. Their aim is to bring an all-rounded event experience with world-class productions and unique concepts.

They specialise in concerts, music festivals, and Artist promotion and bookings. Some artists they have featured before are Second Combat, Wormrot, and Maddthelin.

Anyone who is into the local music scene or wants to simply get a taste of awesome Sarawakian artists needs to check them out.

Here’s an event you missed:

Photo: @liveinkch on Instagram

Back in 2019, Liveinkch hosted a grindcore music festival (an extreme fusion genre of heavy metal and hardcore punk that originated in the 1980s).

Party goers got to rock out hard to fast music and blast beats. This wasn’t your typical sing along as there was stage diving and crowd surfing too!

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Featured image: liveinkch & enseracreatives

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