Kuching Tattoo Festival 2022 is a tattoo enthusiast’s heaven

Kuching Tattoo Festival 2022 is finally upon us, showcasing more than 80 tattoo artists from all over Malaysia and even the Philippines.

This is a three-day event held from today, 30 September 2022, to Sunday, 2 October 2022, at the Dayak Bidayuh National Association Hall (Google Maps).

The starting time for the event is 10AM and it is scheduled to end at 9PM each night.

If you are a tattoo enthusiast, this is one event you don’t want to miss as you’ll be surrounded by many tattoo artists and their inspiring artwork.

Kuching Tattoo Festival 2022 details


The Kuching Tattoo Festival (Facebook) is arranged by Boi Skolang from Skrang Tattoo Studio and Nicholas Jenta from Inkzation Tattoo Studio, both heavyweights in the Kuching tattoo scene. (Links below!)

It is said that the minimum price for a tattoo is RM150, but it depends on various factors such as the complexity of the design and the size.

Even if you aren’t planning on getting any body art anytime soon, you can still enjoy other booths exhibiting local handicrafts and traditional products.

One thing to note is that there is an entrance fee of RM10 per day, but this is waived for children aged 12 and below.

Tips for Kuching Tattoo Festival 2022


If you are interested in going to the Kuching Tattoo Festival, we’ve got some tips for attending the event.

Parking at the Dayak Bidayuh National Association Hall is quite limited, so it may be best to simply catch a Grab to the location.

Although it starts at 10AM, chances are most vendors and tattoo artists will still be busy setting up, so we feel the best time to go would be after lunch or during the evening.

Don’t worry about getting too hungry as the location also sells light bites and drinks under the canopy at the compound.

For those who drink, they’re also selling beer – they even mention that it’ll help “strangers become friends”.

And hey, it may be good to read my guide for first tattoos for a refresher on what to prepare if you’re planning on getting inked.

Our experience at Kuching Tattoo Festival 2022


I spotted some familiar faces and also met plenty of new people who flew in just to exhibit at the Kuching Tattoo Festival.

I wasn’t planning on getting a new piece, so I mostly spent the time looking around and mingling.

Some tattoo artists explained that they would bring some items like prints and stickers to sell over the weekend when there might be more of a crowd, while others already had some merchandise prepared.

I also spent some time shopping at the handicraft booths which displayed local Dayak designs.

In the end, I went home with an increased appreciation for body art and our local tattoo scene.

Skrang Tattoo Studio: Facebook | Instagram

Inkzation Tattoo Studio: Facebook | Instagram

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