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Biddy’s Café Review: My new favourite lunch spot!

I found Biddy’s purely by accident on one fateful day. I was looking for a place for lunch that wasn’t in the usual Saradise or Gala City areas.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon Biddy’s Café which is located opposite OneTJ. On my very first visit there, I knew I had to return to try out more dishes.

As luck would have it, I was fortunate enough to be invited to Biddy’s in June to experience their new menu offering prior to their official launch!

So, armed with one of my food-loving friends, we went to tackle the extensive menu of Biddy’s Café.

Cosy atmosphere coupled with an online menu

Biddy's Cafe Interior

The décor of Biddy’s is a mix of wooden and industrial fixtures that is seen in most modern cafés in Kuching.

But unlike some places, the atmosphere of Biddy’s is warm, cosy, and modern. This is likely thanks to the warm lighting and friendly smiles you get when you walk in.

The staff of Biddy’s exude a sense of professional yet warm politeness. These ladies exhibit great patience and are always quick to provide explanations and recommendations.

Speaking of recommendations, one thing I must commend about Biddy’s is that their menu is available online!

It can be so frustrating to plan where to eat when you don’t have the restaurant menu readily available – in fact, tons of places seem to go out of their way to hide their prices.

You can easily find Biddy’s full menu of food and drinks linked on their social media pages, so there are no surprises waiting for you.

(Check the end of my article for all the relevant links!)

Korean Cheesy Mac with Miso Chicken

Biddy's Cafe Korean Cheesy Mac with Miso Chicken

Before I get into what my friend and I ordered that day, I want to bring up the very first dish I ever tried from Biddy’s.

I mean, just check out this incredibly cheesy macaroni and cheese concoction. Not only is it deliciously savoury, but it’s mixed with tangy kimchi to give it an extra kick!

Although the shredded seaweed makes it look a little intimidating, the dish is oh-so-yummy when you mix everything together.

The fried chicken itself is nothing to scoff at either. The flesh of the chicken is juicy and succulent, while the outside has been cooked to crispy, golden perfection.

Lastly, I must talk about the portion size! The amount of pasta, cheese, and chicken you get is so generous here.

Compared to most places, Biddy’s food has really good prices for portion.

Japanese Alfredo Beef & Smokey Ducky

During the menu pre-launch event, my friend and I were invited to order anything we wanted on the menu for free.

Considering none of us had breakfast that day, we went a little overboard with the number of dishes.

For our main meal, each of us chose a pasta dish – Japanese Alfredo Beef for me, and Smokey Ducky for my friend.

Biddy's Cafe Japanese Alfredo Beef

This is the Japanese Alfredo Beef – “Fettuccine, Alfredo Sauce, Ground Beef, Sun-dried Tomato, Seaweed, Ebiko”.

On the very first bite, you can taste the rich, buttery creaminess of that Alfredo sauce coupled with the plentiful amount of minced beef mixed into the dish.

I’m personally a fan, but I can see those who prefer something a little less heavy not wanting to go for this type of dish.

Biddy's Cafe Smokey Ducky

My friend’s Smokey Ducky was pretty tasty too – “Fettuccine, Smoked Duck, Sun-dried Tomato, Garlic, Chili Flakes, Ramen Egg, Ebiko”.

It tasted garlicky and just a little spicy, much like a nice classic plate of Aglio Olio. The ramen egg on top also made the pasta a little creamier once broken and combined.

My friend and I were also seriously impressed at how much smoked duck was given – check out the number of slices!

Kaya Butter Toast, Spinach Mushroom Croissant, & Mac & Cheese Chicken Croissant

Biddy's Cafe Kaya Butter Toast

But we didn’t stop at the pasta. We were so hungry; we also ordered a toast to share and a croissant sandwich each.

Unfortunately, we severely underestimated the portion sizes of Biddy’s. While we were still able to finish everything, we did feel a little regretful at the end.

The Kaya Butter Toast was first to come to our table and we were immediately amazed by how thick the butter was.

Like any classic Kaya Butter Toast, this tasted amazingly rich, buttery, and sweet – the only thing that could’ve been better if it was a little warmer, though that could’ve been due to the high number of orders that day.

Still, for how much kaya and butter you get, I would definitely order this again.

Biddy's Cafe Spinach Mushroom Croissant

The next items to come were our croissant sandwiches. For me, I had the Spinach Mushroom Croissant while my friend had the Mac & Cheese Chicken Croissant.

Spinach and shitake mushrooms are not the only fillings in this sandwich, as it’s also got hard boiled eggs and cheese to elevate this healthy and savoury meal.

The croissant itself was also warm and flaky, like any good croissant that you usually get in a high-end café in Kuching.

The spinach and mushrooms were on the salty side that day, but since it was before the menu’s official launch, I’m sure the level has been adjusted by now.

Biddy's Cafe Mac & Cheese Chicken Croissant

My friend’s Mac & Cheese Chicken Croissant was seriously good though. Basically, if you love the Korean Cheesy Mac with Miso Chicken, this is almost the same thing in sandwich-form, just minus the kimchi.

So, if you’re thinking about ordering this, you need to make sure that you have serious room in your appetite.

For us, we were already so full to the point of bursting.

My friend was actually so full after this amazing lunch that she didn’t even bother eating until the next afternoon!

Pineapple Sea, Summer Melon, & Pandan Coconut Milk

Biddy's Cafe Summer Melon

What’s a grand meal without a lovely drink to accompany it? Since the weather was getting increasingly hot that week, my friend and I opted for some iced cold beverages.

Since my friend isn’t a coffee lover, she chose the Summer Melon from the cold brew tea menu.

According to her, it was really light and refreshing. Since it was a melon-based drink, it wasn’t sour and more to the sweet side, yet not too overly sugary.

The pink-orange colour of the drink also makes it Instagram-friendly too!

Biddy's Cafe Pineapple Sea

For me, I chose the Pineapple Sea, which was recommended to me by Biddy’s. It is actually an iced coffee with hints of pineapple.

Although there’s no milk, the tart and sweet addition of pineapple gives the drink the right amount of sweetness to overcome the natural bitterness of the coffee.

I would say this is a good drink to try if you love coffee yet want something lighter to beat the heat.

You can also eat the dried pineapple on the top of the drink too – it’s not just for decoration purposes.

Biddy's Cafe Pandan Coconut Milk

As we had to wait a while for all our food to arrive, I actually went to order another drink as I had quickly finished my Pineapple Sea.

This time, I went with another drink based on Biddy’s recommendations – the Pandan Coconut Milk, an ice blended drink.

I loved how creamy and coconutty this was. It’s pretty sweet, great for those who have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Just one sip will remind you of simpler times eating coconut-based desserts as a child. I only wish the portion size for the drinks were bigger so I could savour it longer!

What online reviews say

Biddy's Cafe Exterior

Since the pre-launch event, Biddy’s has officially launched their new menu, which includes mouthwatering local options like Nasi Lemak Cream Curry Chicken and Salted Butter Chicken.

At time of writing, the café has achieved 4.3 stars out of 5 with 109 reviews. The high rating honestly doesn’t surprise me, considering how impressed I was by their food.

Many reviews talk about the friendly staff, the hearty food options, and the lovely welcoming ambience.

Almost all reviews speak positively about Biddy’s, with the few one- and two-star reviews being more than a year ago – does that mean Biddy’s has improved since then?

Critical reviews from back then noted the long waiting time of the food, and many of them mention food items that are no longer on the menu anymore.

I personally did not visit Biddy’s during this period where they received these low reviews, but from what I’ve tried so far, I do genuinely enjoy the food here. Although the waiting time for the food can be slow at times, I think the dishes are well worth the wait.

Unfortunately, Biddy’s closes early at night, with the last kitchen order being cut off at 7:30 p.m.

So, if you’re thinking about visiting, it might be better to plan a lunch date rather than a dinner one!

Opening hours: 11AM-8PM (Tue-Sun, closed Mon)
Address: Sublot 8 & 9, Ground Floor, Stutong Avenue, Jalan Setia Raja, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak (Google Maps)
Contact: Facebook | Instagram

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