Garden Café by bing! Review: Most Instagrammable café?!

For many youths in Kuching, the ambience of a café has got to be high up on the priority list alongside good food and coffee.

After all, what’s the point of going somewhere with friends if you’re not going to put it up on your Instagram story?

While there are certainly many beautiful and aesthetic cafes in Kuching,  The Garden Café by bing! coffee may just be one of the most Instagrammable cafés in the city!

A home-based location


Situated opposite the road from Kozi Square, Garden Café appears to be a picturesque white home which has been turned into a restaurant.

I knew that this place is quite popular, so I decided to arrive half an hour after opening time. Yet when I got there, most of the parking spots were already full.

When I walked into the café, there was already a long line at the cashier. So, my friend and I took the time to examine the menu, which was actually the same as other bing! coffee locations.


There were a large selection of coffee and tea as well as a variety of sandwiches and cakes. However, most of the drinks and the food were not available at the time.

It took my friend and I some time to choose a different order than what we had in mind, but eventually we ordered and could finally enter the seating area.

Gorgeous and serene atmosphere


As we stepped out of the house and into the walkway, we were immediately blown away by the aesthetic surroundings — and we hadn’t even reached the dining area!

Even though this is just the walkway leading to the greenhouse, it feels like a cosy spot to sip your coffee underneath the hanging fronds.


When we entered the seating area, I immediately realised why this location is popular. The entire vibe of the ‘glasshouse’ is so warm and cosy — perfect for photo-taking on a sunny day.

You could also sit down and spend hours here writing, drawing, or working, as the greenery around you will no doubt provide some inspiration.

The seats are also plush and comfortable, almost tempting me to lean back and take a quick cat nap. The air conditioning is also quite high, so you won’t feel hot at all.

Lamb panini and ice blended drinks


My friend and I weren’t particularly hungry, so we ordered the lamb panini to share as well as the ice blended cappuccino and the ice blended mocha.

The taste of coffee in the ice blended cappuccino was just right, at the perfect balance of coffee, milk, and blended ice.

The ice blended mocha was also quite tasty, as the bitterness of the coffee really brings out the strong, rich taste of chocolate.


However, the lamb panini was nothing to really write home about. It kind of looked like someone had accidentally squashed a burger…

It was only slightly warm when it arrived on our table and tasted alright. The fillings were adequate, and it came with some sauces: mayo, mustard, and chilli.

If I was hungrier, perhaps I would have been more disappointed at the quality of the food. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either.

Outdoor nursery filled with plants


Once the meal was done, my friend and I took a stroll outside, where there were rows and rows of plants for sale.

There were so many different types of plants, each with their own label so you would know what you were looking at.

I’m not plant savvy at all, so I couldn’t name any of the greenery. Still, I can imagine how amazing this place might be to a lover of plant life.

Even if you don’t like plants, this area could certainly be another good spot for those thoughtful Instagram shots.

What online reviews say


Reviews of the location are generally good on Google Maps, at 4.4 out of 5 stars with 153 reviews at time of writing.

Many reviewers can’t stop gushing about the beauty and atmosphere of the café. One reviewer notes that the cafe is less of a dining location but an ideal hangout spot because of how low the tables and chairs are.

It also seems that the food has improved since my previous visit since most of the recent reviews praise the dishes. In fact, it looks like they’re no longer serving the strange flat ‘burger’ panini I had.

Plus, according to one reviewer, the cafe offers oatmilk! So, if you’ve got a vegan friend or someone with lactose intolerance, this could be the perfect spot to bring them.

As for me, I might take a second trip back to The Garden Café to check out the food and drinks again. I think I’ll also plan a trip when I need that boost of inspiration.

Opening hours: 11AM-10PM (Mon-Sun)
Address: 111, Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, Rikett Estate, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak (Google Maps)
Contact: Facebook | Instagram

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