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Nando’s dazzles your five senses with its ‘Feed Your Fire’ campaign

Nandos Feed Your Fire Campaign featured

We remember all the buzz and excitement when Nando’s opened its first branch in Kuching at the end of December 2015.

Now, they have three branches in total in our city: AEON Mall Kuching Central, The Spring Shopping Mall, and Vivacity Megamall.

Even after so many years, it remains one of our favourite restaurant chains for delicious flame-grilled chicken.

Recently, Nando’s has launched a new campaign called ‘Feed Your Fire’, which is designed to speak to all five of your senses – sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste.

Celebrating sight and touch with original designs

Nandos Feed Your Fire Campaign sight and touch
Photo: Nando’s

Everything at Nando’s is highly inspired by Southern Africa such as the original art and designs at each of their restaurants.

The restaurant chain is highly invested in art and artist development as they are involved in five different artist development programmes supporting more than 350 artists worldwide.

One of their initiatives is the Nando’s Hot Young Designer which opens doors for undiscovered young South African talents.

If you head to a Nando’s restaurant and take a look around you, you’ll be able to spot tons of vibrant patterns that’ll remind you of the diverse culture of South Africa.

Invoking powerful sounds through beautiful music

Nandos Feed Your Fire Campaign sound
Photo: Nando’s

But other than the pretty designs, you’ll also be able to experience great vibes through the Afroluso music playing over your head.

What is Afroluso? It is a blend of African rhythms and Portuguese styles which really come together to become something unique and amazing.

Here’s a fun fact: all the Nando’s restaurants around the world are all tuned into the same playlist being broadcasted at their headquarters in South Africa!

If you’re interested in giving Afroluso music a try, Nando’s Malaysia has curated their own Spotify playlist with some of the best tracks out there.

Experience fiery smell and taste using PERi-PERi

Nandos Feed Your Fire Campaign smell and taste
Photo: Nando’s

Anyone who has been to a Nando’s restaurant knows about their signature, succulent, and blazing PERi-PERi sauces.

These PERi-PERi – or African Bird’s Eye Chillies – are grown and sourced directly from small-scale South African farmers.

Instead of mass farming, Nando’s chooses to get in touch with regional farming organisations to teach, empower, and give farmers access to finance, materials, and seedlings.

Once the crops are grown, Nando’s buys their chillies at a fair price that is determined before the growing season begins.

These authentic chillies are flown all the way from South Africa and are imported into Malaysia to be made into the PERi-PERi chicken we all know and love.

For more information on Nando’s Feed Your Fire campaign, click here.

Featured image: Nando’s

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