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Treat your pet to the most adorable pet-friendly cakes made lovingly in Kuching

Oppa Pets Bakery featured

We love animals here at Memang Asian and have our very own pets which bring joy to our lives every day.

So, to return their endless love and affection, we have been seeking specific pet-friendly treats to spoil them with.

And what better way to treat our beloved pets than the cutest cakes made specially for them?

Check out Oppa Pets Bakery, a Kuching-based business specialising in pet birthday cakes.

Oppa Pets Bakery - Pet Birthday Cakes
Photo: oppa_petsbakery

Made without preservatives, sugar, salt, or additives, these cakes have healthy ingredients like chicken, pork, salmon, sweet potato, potato, carrot, and pumpkin.

These cakes are suitable to be eaten by both dogs and cats. They are also highly customizable, as the baker is able to make decorations that look almost exactly like your fur friends.

Simply order a cake at least three to seven days in advance, as time is needed to create these beautiful baked goods.

Only available in Kuching, Oppa Pets Bakery also provides delivery service for an extra charge, which may be well worth it as you are busy preparing for that extra special day.

Oppa Pets Bakery - Snowskin Pet Mooncake
Photo: oppa_petsbakery

What’s great is that the business is also selling snow skin pet mooncakes, so your pet can also join in on the Mid Autumn Festival.

Each box of mooncakes come in four flavours:

  • Chicken pumpkin with pumpkin skin
  • Chicken and chicken liver with carob skin
  • Chicken egg yolk with spinach skin
  • Chicken apple with purple potato skin

These delightful treats can last for three days refrigerated or two weeks when frozen.

Are you interested? If you order before 20 August, you can get an early bird price of RM32 per box. Otherwise, one box is RM36.

We know what we’ll be getting our fur babies this year!

Contact: Facebook | Instagram | +6012-842 8214

Featured image: oppa_petsbakery

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