15-minute meals for Ramadan? Tyson’s chicken is truly effortless

The month of Ramadan has arrived in Malaysia. That means it is time for Muslims to fast, from the dawn break to the sun’s setting.

As a non-Muslim, I can only imagine how difficult and tiring fasting is… Especially when it requires abstaining from both food and drink.

It is already exhausting enough to work long hours. Let alone having to go through that entire day while fasting and then having to prepare a meal when you finally get home.

Fortunately for all my Muslim friends, I’ve been made aware of some exciting products by the global food company Tyson that will make your iftar meals short, sweet, and simple!


“Tyson Ada, Mudah Berbuka!”

Tyson’s range of 100% Halal fully cooked frozen chicken is super convenient because it requires no thawing whatsoever, so there’s no waiting needed.

Just pull out a pack from the freezer and throw it into your microwave or fryer. Preparing your yummy Ramadan spread will take 15 minutes or less!


What’s excellent about Tyson’s chicken is that they’re more than just easy and fast. They’re also high quality, totally nutritious, and come in a wide range of deliciousness:

  • Buffalo Wing Stick
  • BBQ Roasted Drumstick
  • Masak Sambal Kicap Chicken
  • Masak Lemak Cili Api Chicken
  • Japanese Style Karaage

These products are so versatile that you can quickly turn them into full-course meals with simple and easy recipes. Ramadan mealtimes will surely be fast, exciting, and delicious with Tyson.


Interested in picking up these quick and yummy 15-minute Ramadan meals? You can find Tyson’s products at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets, such as Aeon and Mydin, or online.

And suppose you’re looking for a classic Ramadan Bazaar experience (and going to Kuala Lumpur soon)… Then you won’t want to miss Tyson’s Ada Mudah Berbuka Ramadan Bazaar that is happening across Klang Valley:

  • Perkarangan MATRADE, Mont Kiara (3PM-12AM)
  • Stadium Shah Alam (2PM-8PM)

For more information about Tyson’s products and Ramadan Bazaar, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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