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More Malaysians are thrift shopping – on the internet


I love finding a good deal when shopping for items, and I don’t just mean checking out the 11.11 sales on Shopee!

Thrift shopping, or shopping for pre-loved goods, has been one of my go-to shopping strategies. It lets me save money and is also great for finding rare or unique items.

Surprisingly (or perhaps not very surprisingly), I’m not the only person hopping on the secondhand shopping trend.

Shopee users are making more intelligent purchases


Shopee recently reported that Malaysians are now more likely to buy preowned products compared to three years ago in 2020.

Warehouse clearance items, pre-loved goods, and other minor defective items totalled 1.4 million items sold over the last three years.

Of these items, 50% were fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), which include Baby and Toys, Groceries and Pets, and Health and Beauty. 

The most popular warehouse clearance supplies were hand sanitisers, which is understandable given the recent pandemic.

There also is a trend of shoppers going for preowned baby and children accessories, toys, and pet accessories. 

A new generation drives online thrift shopping


It seems that the trend of shopping for pre-loved goods isn’t just a passing fad but is driven by a generation of mindful shoppers.

Generation Z, born from 1997 to 2012, is likelier to shop secondhand. Four of every 10 searches they make are of pre-loved, recycled, reused, or display units.    

More gently used goods are entering the marketplace too. Shopee reported a 15% increase in pre-loved listings in February 2023 compared to the same month the previous year.

Even Shopee Live influencers have shifted by demonstrating these pre-loved units and using positive messages to promote sustainability.

It is no wonder that throughout the last three years, live-streamed content of preowned products has doubled, and pre-loved products sold have grown four times.

How to shop for pre-loved goods on Shopee


Finding gently used goods or warehouse clearance items on Shopee is as easy as typing specific keywords into the search bar:

  • Pre-loved
  • Bundled
  • Warehouse clearance
  • Thrift
  • Second hand
  • Used
  • Demo unit
  • Pre-owned

If you’re someone who watches live-streamed content, there are also tons of streams about pre-loved goods available on the Shopee mobile app.

Worried about getting a preowned item you’re not happy with? Then make use of Shopee’s ‘Change of Mind’ campaign!

For this Ramadan and Raya season, shoppers take advantage of a free return and refund feature for the entire Fashion segment on the Shopee marketplace. 

So, if you’re thinking about picking up that “new to you” outfit for this festive season, you’ve got all the more reason to.

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