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We Fusion Restaurant Review: Cheesy baked nasi lemak?!

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Nasi lemak, considered the national dish of Malaysia, often has its origins debated with its neighbouring countries and with good reason.

Directly translated from Malay as “fat rice”, it is a rich and fragrant dish typically comprised of rice cooked in coconut milk, sambal, fried anchovies, peanuts, and boiled egg.

But what if you took this already fatty food, top it with a bunch of cheese, and baked it? To us, the idea of it is already starting to make our mouth water.

We definitely had to try this dish for ourselves, so we made a trip down to We Fusion Restaurant at Gala City.

Signature oven-baked spaghetti/rice menu

We Fusion Restaurant Review front of restaurant
Photo: We Fusion Restaurant

We Fusion Restaurant offers many of the usual Western dishes like Chicken Chop as well as Asian dishes like Mee Siam and Nasi Lemak.

But it is their cheesy baked menu that seems to be what brings customers back again and again. If you sit down at their restaurant, you’re likely to see the oven-baked meals at almost every table.

We Fusion Restaurant Review signature menu

There are two steps to their signature oven-baked menu. First, you choose what kind of meat you want for your meal. Optionally, you can pick mushrooms or corn instead, but that is at the bottom of the menu.

Next, you’re going to want to pick what kind of sauce you want. There are six sauces to choose from:

  • Hawaiian style
  • Thai style
  • Twin sauce (white cream sauce with Italian red sauce)
  • Sarawak laksa
  • Curry style
  • Nasi lemak style

Lastly, it is time to choose whether you want rice or spaghetti. Technically, it is totally possible to order Sarawak laksa rice and nasi lemak spaghetti. (Or is it called spageti lemak at that point?)

Cheesy baked nasi lemak & mushroom soup

We Fusion Restaurant Review mushroom soup

We went ahead and ordered the cheesy baked nasi lemak with grilled slice smoked duck (RM26) along with cream of mushroom soup (RM6), as we knew the portion would be big enough to share.

The mushroom soup arrived first along with a piece of French baguette, which was quite hard and did have a bit of garlic spread on it.

Even though the soup is described as a fresh mushroom blended broth puree, we were thinking that it would be like the instant soup that you typically get at most Western restaurants in Kuching.

But the menu did not lie, as it is immediately apparent on first taste that it is freshly made using real mushrooms.

It had a rich, savoury, and creamy taste. Its texture was thick and only a little chunky due to the blended mushrooms.

We were so impressed by the soup that we even took home four portions of it for our families, and they really enjoyed it too.

We Fusion Restaurant Review cheesy baked nasi lemak

As we were busy eating the soup, we did not notice how long the cheesy baked nasi lemak took to get to the table, but the menu does say it should take about 20 minutes.

We originally expected just cheese and duck on top of plain nasi lemak, so we were kind of surprised to see that there was a decent portion of sambal, peanuts, broccoli, and even a half-boiled egg.

The entire dish is served in a dim sum style bamboo steamer basket. It is quite a big portion, perfect for about two people to share.

On first bite, the nasi lemak is amazingly fatty and works well with the richness of the cheese. The sambal was also quite tasty, and not too spicy, so perhaps those not used to spice can still take it.

This is the kind of food that you’ll likely crave for on those cheat days when you want something greasy, filling, and heavy.

Plus, there’s also crispy pork belly on the menu, so you can totally amp up the calories and deliciousness. (If you’re wondering how the pork belly tastes like, it is just as good as those you can get from the hawker stalls.)

What online reviews say

We Fusion Restaurant Review interior photo

However, the online reviews on Google Maps seem to be a little mixed, being at 3.8 stars out of 5 with 21 reviews at time of writing.

Some reviews say that the prices are expensive while others say it is quite moderately priced. This is one of those restaurants that easily range from RM25 to even the hundreds, because they also serve Wagyu steak.

It also seems that many dishes on the regular menu are not able to be ordered as one reviewer mentioned that 20% of the choices were not available.

Supposedly, the juice does not taste fresh and the drinks like their mojitos were diluted. Service may also take a while depending on how busy it is.

Five-star reviews mention the mushroom soup, salmon, signature chicken, lamb, and Bolognese spaghetti as well as the nice ambience of the restaurant.

For us, we’ve only been to We Fusion Restaurant three times so far, and this is definitely one that we’ll likely keep coming back to.

Opening hours: 10:30AM-11PM (Mon-Thu), 10:30AM-12AM (Fri-Sun)
Address: No.50, Gala city, Kempas Heights, 93350 Kuching (Google Maps)
Contact: Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | +6016-415 3289

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